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Byk-Gardner Glossmeters

The new Byk micro-TRI-gloss combines the well
known ease-of-use and protected calibration in the
holder with a new and unique functionality -
designed for today's QC standards.
• 20°,60°,85° in one unit: always in compliance
with international standards.
• Simultaneous display of 2 or 3 geometries In
the lab, in production ... the micro-gloss is always
ready, including calibration holder.
• The calibration standard is always protected in
the holder. The new auto diagnosis tells you
when to calibrate and even checks whether the
standard is clean.
• Operation is easier than ever before with the
new scroll wheel. The well structured menu
quickly shows all needed functions.
• Averaging with multiple readings per sample, n
is selectable (2-99). Full statistics: average,
std.dev., min., max., range.
• Difference and Pass/Fail (50 references).
• Continuous mode to check the uniformity of a sample.
• Data storage in individual memories (999 readings).
• Expanded measurement range:
20°: 0 - 2000 gloss units
60°: 0 - 1000 gloss units
85°: 0 - 160 gloss units
• Software for direct data transfer to Excel® included: your results are immediately shown
in a professional QC-report.
• 10,000 readings with one 1.5V Mignon Alkaline Battery.
• Long-term stable light source and patented illumination control: superior accuracy for
many years.
• 10 year warranty on the light source.
• According to international standards and approved by the independent institute BAM

Byk-Gardner Glossmeters are available in the following models:

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Cat. No. Description
WGB-4420 micro-gloss 20°
WGB-4460 micro-gloss 60°
WGB-4485 micro-gloss 85°
WGB-4430 micro-TRI-gloss


QIP Glossmate Glossmeters

Glossmate 20/60/85 Triple Angle Glossmeter

The Glossmate  is a hand-held, portable, glossmeter that measures first-surface gloss and provides values to characterize surface finishes of paints, plastics, papers, metals and coatings.  The Glossmate is available in: 20°, 60°, 85° geometry’s. 

The 20° geometry is used to measure high gloss surfaces such as paints, plastics, and papers.  The 20° geometry meets ISO, ASTM, BS, and TAPPI standards. The 45° geometry is used to measure weathered paints and plastics, papers, and ceramics.  The 45° geometry meets ASTM D2457 and BS 6161 standards. The 60° geometry is considered the universal standard geometry for measuring paint, plastics, and anodized aluminium.  The 60° geometry meets ISO, ASTM, DIN and  JIS standards.  The 60° geometry is also used to determine when additional geometry’s are required.  If samples consistently measure below 10 gloss units with a 60° geometry, then 85° geometry is recommended.  If samples consistently measure above 70 gloss units with a 60° geometry, then 20° geometry is recommended.  The 85° geometry is used to measure matte or low gloss coatings, paints, and plastics.  The 85° geometry meets ISO, ASTM, BS, DIN, and JIS standards.  If you have products that will cover all levels of gloss than a 20/60/85 degree glossmeter is recommended.

Note:  All Glossmate Glossmeters include 9 Volt battery, statistical functions, built in RS232 interface, traceable standard and case.

QIP Glossmeteters are available in 4 models

QIP 20/60/85 Glossmeter

QIP 20 Glossmeter

QIP 60 Glossmeter

QIP 85 Glossmeter

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